Monday, January 2, 2017

Gulf Coast Wargaming Alliance GT

Hello fellow Wargamers, this year we have got with the local 40k stores and clubs on the gulf coast to put together GT level event this Summer.  We will either be having this at maCnarB Gaming or the Gautier Convention Center.  Details are below and more will be updated as it gets closer.

**Pre Regisration paypal -
$30 entry fee - Send as friends and family in paypal**

Facebook Event

Facebook Community Page

Warzone Atlanta Mission Packet

ITC FAQ & List Construction - Exception - Unlimited Detachments

June 3rd - 4th
Gauiter, Mississippi
maCnarB Gaming or Gauiter Convention Center
1850 points

$30 entry fee
Warzone Atlanta Missions
5 Rounds
3 Rounds on Saturday and 2 Rounds on Sunday
Day one - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. And best painted 
Day two - GT Champion 
ITC List rule - exceptions - unlimited detachments
ITC event
Battle Points Scoring
Cap at 64 people
Pre regisration will be up soon

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